Life as I know it

Have you ever had a moment where you started to question everything? I had that moment a few years ago. We were at a party, adults and kids. My kids roamed free and ate what ever they wanted and quite frankly gorged themselves on way too much junk food. I was feeling like an over protective parent for not wanting them to eat too much of the ‘wrong’ food but let them go. We left with their pockets full of lollies and appropriately bad behaviour followed that did not cease for 2 days! That was a turning point for me when I truly believed we are what we eat.

My quest to improve my kids diet has not stopped. I have read many blogs, thoughts on feeding kids whole foods and followed many suggestions. My Dad calls me a hardcore parent as I have always insisted the kids eat what was on the plate for dinner if they were hungry. Too bad if you don’t like it, sometimes food is fuel! I don’t follow any particular regime but I have reduced packaged food, opting for a diet high in fresh foods. For the most part they are great and have tolerated my experiments. We are not perfect but I aim to feed them good food at home.

As a family we are pretty active and I have tried to explain to my kids that you have to eat well to fuel your body to give yourself the energy to do what you want to do. We run, cycle, swim, play futsal, gymnastics in our family so eating right allows us to do these things and anyone that knows us well will know we don’t do things by halves.

After leaving school I went to University and studied Radiography which for the most part I have enjoyed. What I find frustrating are the patients that come in that are unwell. When I mean unwell they are clearly overweight, lethargic, unhappy. They have a poor diet- usually demonstrated by what they eat in the waiting room. As I believe you need to learn these things early, it is up to us as parents to teach our kids a better way.

My quest to improve the life of my family has led me to look at our home too. How I clean and what products I use.  An online course introduced me to essential oils which I really knew nothing about and decided to get some try them out. I figured that I would have a nice smelling home in the very least. What I did learn was that there are so many toxic ingredients in day to day products that are  harmful to our bodies in many ways. I won’t elaborate on that yet! I have come to love essential oils and believe that everyone can benefit form having them in their homes as they also have the ability to effect our emotions,calming and focusing to name a few, which was something I had no idea about.

So this is my journey. There will be more to come on what I have changed and what I have eliminated. I am sure I am not alone in this and hopefully you will take something from here that you can use too.

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