Are you getting enough sleep?

Rushing Mother syndrome is very applicable in our society today and I think all mum’s feel it to some degree. Trying to switch off is hard, often many thoughts rushing through my mind even at the end of the day. Now there is a good chance if you are feeling like this so are your kids and partner.

Getting to sleep can be another challenge and something I have been trying to change. According to adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a day. I have only recently learnt that if we don’t get enough sleep we accumulate sleep debt. During the day our bodies produce a chemcial call adenosine and when we sleep our bodies then break it down. If that does not happen we accumulate too much causing fatigue and the damaging side effects that follow like reduced reaction times

Lately I have been adding Magnesium salts and Young Living Lavender Essentail Oil to the kids baths as well as my own. Magnesium is a mineral required in our body in 300 biochemical reactions. It aids the body in absorbing calium. It supports metabolism, anxiety, stress, relaxes muscles, can help reduce migraines, promotes restful sleep, enhances circulation to name a few of its benefits

Lavendar oil is known for it’s relaxation benefits. Also used for insomnia, depression and nervousness. It can also help with mental wellbeing. At the end of the day what better way to wind down with a warm bath with the added benefits of magnesium salts and Lavendar Essentail oil.

Grab a jar and place 1 cup  Magnesium salts with 10 drops of Lavendar oil. I use a couple of tsp for the kids and a about 1/4 cup for me.

Another way to help sleep is to make a pillow spray. In a 100ml bottle add 4 drops Lavendar Essentail oil and 3 drops Cedarwood. 1 drop Ylang Ylang optional. Cedarwood is an excellent sedative and has a great calming and soothing effect. Ylang Ylang can help with stress and anxiety.

I hope you are getting enough sleep and can looks for ways to help you sleep and feel better



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