New addition to the Premium Starter Kit

A little over 12 months ago I purchased a premium starter kit from Young Living after learning about toxic chemicals in my home and wanting to remove them for the benefit of not only myself but my family. I knew very little about essential oils or how to use them and I would have to credit Laura trotter and her online Home detox bootcamp for giving me the start I needed to remove some nasty products from my home. I am a firm believer in the fact that you need to educate yourself and work out what works for you. Prevention is always better than cure.

Who ever wanted to spray toxic chemicals like formaldehyde around their home? Well have a closer look at synthetic fragrance and the likelihood is that is what is happeneing. An eye opening article explains the issues of synthetic fragrance in our homes and workplaces. Years ago essential oils were used but with changes in technology and companies trying to produce fragrance for mass market at mimimum price, has lead to synthetic fragrance being widely produced. Unfortunately it is is so many places not just air fresheners. Think about toilet paper, washing powder, soaps, cleaners. So if you are looking for a way to eliminate the synthetic fragrance from your home, we need to chat! Maybe you just want to get started right away.

This is the updated premium Starter kit from Young Living, the largest essential oil company worldwide who has been producing pure essential oils for the last 20+ years. recently added is the Thieves Waterless Hand gel. Perfect for your handbag or kids school bag when they can’t get to a wash basin. Great addition when camping or other outdoor activities. You won’t find triclosan here and incase you are wondering all the ingredients are listed on the website!

bamboo psk

Starting at $AUD259 this kit has 11 Essential oils, a ultrasonic diffuser ( I love the bamboo), 2 x Ningxia Red samples, a Thieves Hand Gel, product guide and information to help you get started.

Purchase one here or go to use my number #3847565 as your enroller and sponsor, enter your personal details. Once you are done let me know ( and I will be in touch and help you make a few simple things to help you eliminate the toxic chemicals from your home.




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