Thermomix- try before you buy

Sometimes I can’t contain my love for this fabulous kitchen appliance which is why I am here sharing it with you. We all cook differently and what I cook may be different to you. The great thing about Thermomix is we can bring the TM6 to you in person or virtually and show you the features.

A Thermomix demo allows you to have a hands on experience and allows me to direct you to recipes that suit your household. Whether you are a 2 or a 6 person household, have dietary requirements or allergies, having an in person experience will often answer all your questions and answer some simply by you using the appliance.

How much time do you need? Well that is up to you. A 3 dish experience takes approximately 90 minutes, however we can also organise an express demo in a lunch break or similar.

What is in it for you? apart from tasting the food when in person, host receive a host reward when you have two friends along to share the experience. these items are often our most popular accessories to use with your TM6.

How do you book? Click here to book in a time.

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