Are you sleeping well?

Sometimes I find it really hard to get to sleep. Our body needs to recharge. According to adults need between 7-9hrs a night. What I have only just discovered is that if you don’t get enough sleep you can build up sleep debt! When you are awake your body produces a chemical in your blood called adenosine. When you sleep it breaks it down. If don’t sleep enough, adenosine builds up causing fatigue reducing our reaction times and making us prone to making mistakes. Our bodies need to catch up to reduce that debt. Weekend sleep ins can help but I often feel worse for the change in daily pattern.

Lately I have been trying to change my routine. Reducing time at the computer before bed and trying to get to bed at a reasonable time.  Avoiding stimulating drinks with caffeine in the evening will help too. Here are a few things that I have started to implement to help our family all get a good nights sleep

  1. Diffuse Young Living Lavendar and Cedarwood Essentail Oils. Both known for their relaxation properties. Lavendar has known sleep beneifts demonstrated in a study published by the Journal of Aromatherapy and Complementary medicine Cedarwood can help with the production of melatonin which helps induce sleep, read about that here
  2. Warm bath. In the evenings I have started adding Magnesium salts. Magnesium is required for 300 enzyme reactions in the body  and is requirmed by all organs and is necessary to activate muscles and nerves. Wonderfully relaxing and soothing on muscles. I add 1 cup of Magnesium flakes to a jar and add 10 drops of Lavendar Essentail Oil. For the kids I add 1 tab of the infused flakes and a few for me
  3. Another option is to make a pillow spray. In a 100ml ml bottle add 3 drops cedarwood and 4 Lavendar. optional add 1 drop Ylang Ylang. Simply top with water and spray over pillows for a dreamy sleep.

I hope some of these changes can help you get a great sleep too!