Essential Oils

In 2016, I started  using Young Living essential oils. All I wanted to do was clean my home without nasty toxins. I purchased a starter bundle and started diffusing and made a bathroom cleaner. Since then I have replaced all synthetic fragrance in my home with essential oils.

Young Living as a company is buying direct from the farmer. They are stewards of the land and their products are awesome.

Here is a snippet of what essential oils can do for you

  • clean my home without chemicals
  • deter pests with essential oils
  • fragrance my home without synthetics
  • replace perfume with pure essential oils
  • soothe muscles
  • find products for my children’s skin that are not irritating
  • improve my mood
  • calm everyone down.
  • and they have a culinary range  perfect for Chocolate making!!!

Not only do young Living have essential oils but hey have an amazing Thieves Cleaner range which I love.

ORDER Essential Oils HERE

If you require any information or have  questions, please get in touch via email or phone +61433589675


Member Number 3847565

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