Essential Oils

In 2016, I started  using Young Living essential oils. All I wanted to do was clean my home without nasty toxins. I purchased a starter bundle and started diffusing and made a bathroom cleaner. Since then I have replaced all synthetic fragrance in my home with essential oils.

Here is a snippet of what essential oils can do for you

  • clean my home without chemicals
  • deter pests with essential oils
  • fragrance my home without synthetics
  • replace perfume with pure essential oils
  • soothe muscles
  • find products for my children’s skin that are not irritating
  • improve my mood
  • calm everyone down.

ORDER Essential Oils HERE

There are a many reasons why I decided to use Young Living essential oils

  • Young Living is a world leader in development and distillation of essential Oils with over 2o+ years of experience
  • They are a safe, natural, toxin free alternative to the synthetic chemical laden products
  • They have set the Gold standard, Seed to Seal, a process to ensure purity of their product. The process includes sourcing of sustainable plants, scientific formulations and testing, and lastly their standards. They actually own their own farms and distill themselves! For more details on this process please click HERE
  • The standards of Young Living exceed organic requirements.
  • Young Living are a company dedicated to helping people live well, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle
  • above all I fell better and I know you will too

The Easiest way and BEST VALUE to get started with Young Living is to buy a Starter Bundle as a  Member. Choose the starter Bundle that suits you. Below are my top picks

Premium Starter Bundle – priced from $267 for Desert Mist or Dewdrop Diffuser

  • 11 commonly used Essential Oil 5ml bottles, a diffuser and a bunch of other stuff. There are a number of different diffuser to choose from. The Home-dewdrop or the new Desert Mist is a great place to start.

Healthy Home Starter Kit $289

The healthy home Starter kit is for all the clean freaks! The Thieves household cleaner is a best seller for good reason. I use it to clean everything. Also included are lots of cleaning goodies, 6 oils and the dewdrop diffuser.

Essential rewards is Young Living’s optional monthly reward program that gives you points to redeem on free product. Allows you to slowly switch out products and build your collection of oils. Cancel anytime and change your order each month.

ORDER Essential Oils HERE


Do I have to sell Oils?  

Absolutely not. 95% of customers have an account for their own personal use. Your memebership provides you with an online account to order when you wish.

I have my Oils, now what?                                                                                                                    

When you purchase I will will send you resources  and  recipes to get started.

Is young Living available in other countries ?                                                                                

Young Living is available worldwide. You can simply select your country when ordering your kit. America, Europe, Canada, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia.

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If you require any information or have  questions, please get in touch via email or phone +61433589675


Member Number 3847565

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