Breakfast ideas

The most common theme when I speak with customers is that they are time poor. Breakfast is one of those things that is simply missed because people are not prepared and simply don’t know how the thermomix can be used to make breakfast easier. Here are lots of ideas to inspire you to lift your breakfast game.

All of these recipes you will find on Cookidoo.

Here are some ideas to help you make breakfast a breeze.


  1. Firstly Egg Boiler mode is so easy for eggs cooked in their shell. Select how hard or soft you would like them and set the mode in action. While your eggs are cooking, prepare toast or your morning cup of coffee.
  2. Another great option is the Green egg white and Ham omelette. find the recipe here


  1. Cada- this is a fresh muesli made with four ingredients, Coconut, almond, dates and apple and is a great snack at any time of day. Find the recipe here
  2. Toasted Muesli. My favourite is the Vanilla and Honey toasted muesli , recipe here I switch out the dried fruit for what I have on my cupboard and often increase the amount of nuts and reduce the sweetener. Adjust the recipes to suit yourself but this is always my go to.
  3. For a gluten free toasted option I love the Rise and shine cereal clusters, recipe here The recipe is quite high in protein and you won’t need too much

Porridge- all the porridge recipes can be used with your milk of choice. the best thing about the TM6 is using pre clean function afterwards to make clean up a breeze.

  1. In winter we love the basic recipe, find it here The recipe makes white a lot and feeds our family of 5. check out the tips for adjusting the quantity.
  2. Apple sultana and Cinnamon Porridge is delicious and sweetened with fruit. This recipe serves 2-3 and is great to use up apples that are not quite as crispy for eating fresh. Find the recipe here
  3. Warming Porridge- is a fabulous gluten free option. Check out the recipe here

Smoothies and Shakes

  1. Protein shake- this is a great easy recipe, find the recipe here
  2. Green Smoothie- I love this for a great veggie hit, recipe here My tip is the cup up all the ingredients the night before while preparing dinner and store in a container ready for the morning.
  3. Rosy glow smoothie, find the recipe here If you have been following my socials for awhile you will know this one is a favourite. Use blood oranges in season for an extra Vit C kick.
  4. Breakfast on the go smoothie, recipe here option to add in some coffee for a breakfast caffeine hit.

Breakfast Bars

  1. These are perfect for when you need to grab something and go, find the recipe here Bake them on the weekend for a quick weekday breakfast


Make sue of the fermentation mode in your thermomix. If you are dairy free there is also recipes for cashew yoghurt and coconut yoghurt. Making your own yoghurt is a big cost saver

  1. We love the berry coulis and yoghurt jars made in individual serves, find the recipe here
  2. Vanilla yoghurt is another great option, find the recipe here

For something a little more fancy try out

Bacon and Cheese scones with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

Layered jars with your choice of granola and berries

Frozen breakfast bowls

Thermomix Cooking Experience

Is there any other appliance out there where you can have a hands on cooking experience that allows you to try the appliance out before purchase?? Well with the Thermomix that is exactly what you can do, in fact we encourage it. We want all our customers to get great value out of their Thermomix and we like to work out what you like to cook and what you don’t like about cooking to make your experience in the kitchen the best it can be.

Are you the time poor cook? How would your life change if I could show you 80, 30 minute meals to choose from for quick mid week dinners (and that is just the ones with meat)

Are you the person who wants to stop going to the supermarket 4 times a week. How would it feel if I could show you how to meal plan and send your shopping list to Woolworths for click and collect or home delivery, having everything you need for the recipes you want to make?

How would it feel to be able to make dishes you only thought were possible to have when you dined at a restaurant?

Would you like to save on basics like grated cheese, almond meal, caster sugar, bread? These things are easily made with your Thermomix saving you money on everyday essentials.

How would you life change if there were step by step instructions for your kids or your partner to start getting dinner ready before you got home from work?

These are just a few of the reasons thousands of people invest in a Thermomix. For me I need to produce copious amounts of food for my hungry teenagers and I love variety. I am never lost for things to make. I also love the search feature on our recipe app where you can type in 2 ingredients and it suggests a list of recipes ( with pictures- I love knowing what the end result would look like and lets face it we eat with our eyes first) to make.

The next questions is are you the next person to try out the new TM6? In person and virtual can be arranged and you can book in a time with me here

Our current promotion for May… or you might be ready to simply order a Thermomix for your household. If you are you can order here

Macadamia Nut Tartlets

This recipe has been a favourite of mine for many years. One of those recipes I saved from the weekend papers many years ago. Where it came from I can’t quite remember but I have adapted it to make it super simple in my Thermomix


  • 170g Plain flour
  • 110g Raw Sugar
  • 125g Butter, cubed
  • 15g cold water or 1 tbsp
  • 1 cup macadamias
  • 20g Butter
  • 90g Brown Sugar
  • 20g golden syrup
  • 1 egg


Place sugar in Thermomix, 10 seconds speed 8

Add Flour and cubed butter 5 seconds Speed 6

Add water, Mix 10 seconds speed 6 or until the pastry forms a ball. Clean and dry Thermomix bowl.

Lightly grease a 24 mini muffin pan. Divide dough into 24 equal pieces. Press each piece into the muffin pan and use your finger tips to make tartlet cases. Rest in the fridge for 30 mins.

Divide macadamia nuts between tartlet cases.

Preheat oven 180 degrees.

Add 20g butter to Thermomix and melt 1 minute 60 degrees speed 2 or until melted. Add brown sugar, egg and golden syrup and mix 5 seconds speed 5.

Pour mix over nuts in tart shells and bake for 25mins. Cool 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack.


Substitute other nuts as you prefer- pecans would also be a good choice.

Have not got a Thermomix, reach me here to join on of my classes or direct you to the Mix shop