Favourite Food Blogs

The internet is great for inspiration in the kitchen. I am trying my best to feed our family a diet that is nourishing. I always tell my kids that you need to fuel it well so that it can perform and do the things you want it to do. Feeding it junk will make you feel like well, junk. It does not always happen but I make veggies a priority and try and teach the kids to listen to how they feel. If you feel sick after eating something, it’s not for you. Simple as that.

I have a few go to blogs for recipes that I thought I would share.

Well Nourished is a blog by Georgia  that makes cooking simple and has many variations to her recipes depending on intolerances or allergies. We love her banana bread and recipe ‘Meat free Monday’ (aka lentils) if you need dinner on the table in 20 mins. I have both her e-books and use them both. Fabulous

Thermobexta is full of wonderful recipes thay I make in my thermomix and has my go- to recipe for Tomato Ketchup. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The Healthy Chef Teresa Cutter writes for the Sunday life Magazine. I love her granola recipe and always make a batch each week based on her web recipe. I like how her recipes are categorised into breakfast, lunch, dinner etc when you are looking for inspiration for a particular meal or want to try something a bit different

Skinny Mixers has such a great range of free recipes (thermomix based) for Asian, Mexican, Indian food. Perfect if you like to cook food with flavour! The satay is a must.

Quirky cooking   Love Jo’s range of recipes. We absolutely love her mayonaise and is definitely our go to for that


I am always keen to learn new recipes so if there is another blog that you would like to share, please share it!



Nut free Lemon Balls

Lunch box friendly snacks are something that I always need to have on hand. I like these as they fit the bill and my kids like them. They are easy and economical.  Sunflower seeds are high in Vitamin E, folate, copper, zinc, iron and fiber. They provide energy, maintain the immune system, stabilize blood glucose and prevent constipation. [source]


250g sunflower seeds, 60g coconut oil, 80g desiccated coconut, 80g pure maple syrup, 1/2 tsp vanilla powder, zest and juice of 1 lemon. Optional 5-6 drops of Young Living Lemon Essential oil for that extra lemon zing! Add more or less of the ingredients to your liking!


Blend seeds and zest in a blender on high until mixture is fine. Add remaining ingredients and blend again. Add 1 tsp water if mixture is dry.

Roll mixture into balls and then coat in extra dessicated coconut. Refrigerate or freeze.

As a mum being organised makes a big diffference to your day and ultimately how I feel at the end of the day too.  Feeling organised is much better than the alternative. I try and source organic when I can and buy in bulk. I love shopping at Bulk Wholefoods  for nuts, seeds, all things coconut and lots more. They deliver Australia wide with a flat rate delivery fee.