The introduction of the TM6 has introduced a whole new way of cooking. One machine with 20 different functions (which continually get updated) is simply amazing. A Thermomix will cut down on your time in the kitchen. Here are 10 things I truly love and think you will love too.

  1. Perfect blending
  2. Scales that weigh accurately to 1 gram.
  3. Make jam without stirring the pot.
  4. Chocolate making with precision temperature control you will be able to make amazing creations.
  5. Make a curry and steam vegetables at the same time.
  6. No mess- weigh ingredients in as you go.
  7. The self clean function. OMG this is brilliant!
  8. Salads take literally seconds
  9. My kids cook themselves. As any mum will know having your kids cook by them selves improves their confidence and reduces the need for me to always be assisting them.
  10. The Cookiedoo recipe platform. Over 40000 recipes at your finger tips. new recipes every week. Simply search and ingredient like Chicken and see what comes up.

There are literally so many great things about this machine and I really believe every kitchen deserves one of these. the best way to learn about this machine is to attend or Host a cooking experience. have an opppurtunity to see the thermomix in actions either in your home or online via zoom (the power of technology these days.)

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Once ordered I will help you get set up and cooking with as much or as little customer service as you need.

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