I am Belinda and I live in Ballarat Australia. I am a  wife, mum, runner, cyclist, food lover and enthusiastic essential oil user. Aspiring to live life well and inspire you to do the same

Here you will find  information about using essential oils that I have learnt and experimented with. I also hope to share recipes that we enjoy as a family to fuel our bodies. I am a big believer in that we are what we eat and put on our skin.

A few years ago a had a moment where I began to question everything. We were at a party and the kids ate anything and everything. After getting home with their pockets stuffed with lollies and after eating a whole lot of junk, their behaviour was terrible. When I say terrible it was 48hrs of all three of them having meltdowns and behaviour that was not like them at all. After that weekend, I really started to look at what they were eating and started trying to clean things up a little. I had always cooked, infact loved it but I did make a lot of things with butter, sugar and flour. I started looking at how much sugar was in the yoghurt, the mueslie bars and the breakfast cereal I was buying from the supermarket. Much more than any of us needed. I started to try and up the veggie intake, cut out preservatives and reduce sugar. I concentrated of cooking nourishing foods. This is an ongoing journey and one I think it so important to teach my kids.

Once my kids all started school I did an online course called Home Detox Bootcamp with Laura trotter and I was introduced to Essential Oils. Firstly I used them in my cleaning.  I seriously could not believe I could clean my home effectively and safely and no one had told me!! I am here to tell you that yes you can, it smells great and won’t break the bank.

I had been trying to reduce the chemicals in my home but had not considered  the impact of fragrances on our bodies. Essential Oils have filled that gap and my kids love them as do I. They have so many  uses. Aside from cleaning, they  are great for calming emotions, deterring bugs, supporting sleep and so much more.

Just recently in conversation with another mum, it was suggested to me that if your job does not fit with your life ethos, then the job is not right for you. For 20 years I have worked in Radiography, a coureer that I enjoyed but for me did not feel like it was where I wanted to be for the next 20 years!

Life is a journey

Enjoy  Belinda x