I absolutely adore the following quote. something I am constantly working on and making better choices for myself and my family.

“If you did not come from a healthy home, make sure a healthy home comes from you”

Essential oils have replaced all fragranced products that I used to purchase in my home from air fresheners to perfume.  Head over to my Essential oils page here

Over the last few years I have tried a number of recipes to use in my home for cooking and cleaning. Visit the Blog here

More recently after 10 years of becoming a Thermomix owner I have now become a Thermomix consultant. Inspiring families to cook fresh food simply without the stress is what I am all about. Attending or hosting a cooking experience is the best way to see what the Thermomix can do for you. Everyone cooks differently and the Thermomix is more than a fancy blender. You simply need to see it for your self.

Get in touch if there is any way I can help you