Removing Blue light from your Screens

Have you ever sat at the computer until late at night and then found it difficult to sleep? I know I have. Did you know about the affects of Blue light? Researches have shown that that exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin which helps the body to sleep. Disruption of the production of melatonin can have negative affects on your body’s ability to sleep, disrupting your circadian rhythm.

I have known about this but have not known what to do about it and sometimes night time is the best time for getting some work done once the kids are in bed. Yesterday I came across f.lux software that will change the brightness on your computer screen to block out the blue light. Genius!! Wish I had found this sooner. Then today I was at work and mentioned it and one of the students (love when they teach me things, as they are way more tech savvy than me) also showed me how to alter the screen of my iphone! So I have thought that there are probably lots of other people out there who do not know about this function.  When you swipe up on your phone you will get the screen shown below. Tap on the brightness icon to adjust your settings and then you can set your phone to remove blue light from 7pm-7am.  if you don’t have an iphone your phone may have a similar setting just find your brightness settings and find out if this function is available

↑  brightness setting
Changing your settings will hopefully help with a better nights sleep for everyone. Don’t forget my previous post on magnesium salts that can also help your body to wind down.



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