Nourishing Night time Face Serum

I used to buy a night cream but I have started making a nourishing night oil instead as it is really easy and you can customise it to suit your skin. My skin has improved and making my own is economical. I apply 4 drops to a clean face at night time before bed. Feel free to customise.

Some simple ingredients with lots of benefits

Jojoba oil- a golden liquid wax that mimics the skin’s natural oils, penetrating deep into the skin’s layers.

Rosehip Oil- absorbed quickly into the skin, it is pressed from seeds. Perfect for mature and sunburnt skin. Beneficial for healing scars

Lavender Essential oil; great for the skin. Used to treat disorders such as acne, wrinkles,psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions.

Frankincense Essential oil; promotes the regeneration of healthy cells, a powerful anti-aging oil.

Cedarwood essential Oil; has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, reduces skin irritations, promoting relaxation and balance.

When mixing your serum add the essential oils to the bottle first, lightly swirl to combine before adding the carrier oil. I use a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper in it(like these or try glass bottles direct in Australia) with 18 drops of essential oil topped with carrier oil. This is a 2% concentration which is commonly used for skin benefits.

For more information for Essential oils suitable for skin care please read here

Basic Face serum

9 dops Lavender    Essential Oil*                                                                                                                   9 Drops Frankincense   Essential Oil*                                                                                                         Fill with Jojoba oil

Mature Skin Face Serum
9 drops Lavender Essential Oil  *                                                                                                                 9 drops Cedarwood Essential oil

Fill with 1/2 Rosehip and 1/2 Jojoba oil, purchase these here

If making your own is not for you, Young Living Essential Serum is an excellent serum ready to apply straight on your skin. perfect for dry and acne prone skin and affordable!


*essential oils in the Premium Starter kit. Order yours here and recieve a wholesale membership with Young Living, 24% off future purchases and just the beginning of starting a natural health and wellness journey!


This post contains affiliate links. Should you wish to purchase from some of the linked sites I may receive a small comission.


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